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The Cigar Colonel

Our goal is to bring a unique, fun, fair and informative way to help guide you along your Cigar Journey.  We deploy a cigar review board we call "The Colonel Corp".  The Corp represents different ages, social-economic and gender demographics to give us comprehensive reviews unlike any others.


Each Corp member will bring their experience and preferences to the review process.  We will grade each cigar by 5 categories:  Appearance, Construction, Flavor, Draw & Burn, and Enjoyment.  Each category will be graded on a 1 to 5 point scale, with more emphasis in the final results placed on Flavor and Enjoyment.  These numbers are fed into the Colonel Calculator for a final rating based on a 100 point system, much like Cigar Aficionado.

Our Colonel Calculator 100 Point Scale:


95 - 100  WOW!

90 - 94    Awesome

80 - 89    Nice

70 - 79    Just OK

0 - 69      Stomper

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